This one’s for our fun fundraisers who cycled London to Amsterdam with Hope and Play back in 2010, to Wissam Al-Jayoussi and his Goodwill Journey motorbike ride from Dubai to London, Vanisha Khunti’s sponsored Inca Trek, as well as our fantastic support team who volunteered their time to make it happen.

The funds we raised were destined to support 4 disabled children’s institutions in Gaza. The projects ranged from refits of buildings (shrapnel holes being deemed as not conducive to a good environment) through to education and outreach programmes.

I’ve just read through the report on the project we funded from one of the institutions which operates in Rafah on the South of Gaza, and what you’ve helped us achieve out there is astonishing.

Which you can see on the faces of these kids from that institution on their celebratory day out at the end of the project.

The Al Amal Rehabilitation Society has delivered a really comprehensive programme of rehabilitation, integration and education to over a hundred children suffering from deafness and speech impediment.

As well as providing access to education for these kids who did not have it (and the boost in confidence and self-esteem that comes with it), they also taught children, families, teachers and facilitators sign language to enable communication, and ran several hundred hours of workshops and classes to help boost understanding and integration opportunities for these children.

An astonishing piece of work with very limited resources, thanks to our fundraisers, donors and supporters, as well as the amazing resourcefulness and ingenuity of the team in Rafah who delivered the programme.

And it was only one of four projects you made happen. THANK YOU…