Nadia got in touch with us through our Facebook page. She’d seen our request for help to fundraise for an educational programme for 500 traumatised children in Gaza and decided to act on it.

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She held a tea party in Dundee that raised nearly £900. In her own words…

“I committed to raising money for hope and play for children of Gaza as I feel very strongly about securing a childhood for children who live under occupation. I found the work of hope and play to be inspiring and I wanted to help in some way. I already had a lot of commitments so decided that the easiest way for me to raise money was to host a tea party charging £15 per person offering soup, sandwiches and lots of cake. We had 20 women attend the tea party and they were extremely generous, we also received lots of donations. Half way through the tea party I was in tears, tears of joy at the sheer generosity and kindness of the women. Being Palestinian the striving to end the occupation and free Palestine runs in my blood and I am so grateful when other people are passionate about Palestine. I hope to work with hope and play again as the work they do is truly unique and needed.”

20 more people doing what Nadia did, and we’d be able to fully fund this programme for 500 severely traumatised children. Thank you Nadia!