Have a look at this:

❤️ 200: the number of children who benefitted – 117 girls / 83 boys

❤️ 4: the number of local educational facilitators trained

❤️ 288: the number of supplementary classes delivered to children needing additional support to keep up with the curriculum.

❤️ 12%: the increase of academic achievement after program implementation

❤️ 288: the number of group psychosocial activities provided to children

❤️ 12: the number of capacity building workshops on trauma informed parenting delivered in Middle and North Gaza

❤️ 192: the Number of individual support sessions delivered to most traumatized children

❤️ 240 (217 female / 23 male): the number of parents/guardians with increased awareness, understanding and skills to identify trauma and support their children in the home.
To be continued…
A BIG thank you as always. Thank you for supporting. Thank you for reading. Thank you for telling your friends and family. Thank you for sharing this and other posts. Thank you for your BIG heart.

You didn’t ask what can be done. You took action. You did. Changing the world is not an easy thing to do, but changing the world of some children can be done, and that’s how we can hope to change the world.

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