September the 4th will see us starting our third annual London to Paris bike ride, this time to support children in Gaza. This year’s event will be bigger than the last two years, as we are aiming for 50 riders and £100,000. It should be a tremendous weekend, and we are praying for the same weather we’ve had the last two years.

Who are we doing it for? The children of Gaza. The Israeli attacks on Gaza at the start of this year have left many of Gaza’s children injured, maimed and traumatised. This followed on from nearly two years of blockade where very few essential supplies were allowed to reach them, which in turn has followed many decades of occupation and dispossession into a life in refugee camps. Their need for support and hope has been growing year on year, and the start of this year, which left more than 400 dead and thousands orphaned, homeless, maimed or traumatised has made this all the more urgent.

We will be raising money for a variety of play and educational projects in Gaza this year. Which ones we support will vary as time goes on depending on what the Israeli Defence Force allows through into the territory. We will post details of these as we get them approved.

If you’d like to participate, there are still a couple of places available, so please send us an email. If you’d like to sponsor us, then you can do it through our site on BMycharity (

Please do support us – the ride is actually quite challenging for amateurs (namely most of us). But it is nowhere near as challenging as life is for a child in Gaza.