We will be cycling from London to Paris on June 17th to 19th this year in aid of children’s projects in Gaza. These rides have always been hugely fun, but most importantly have always enabled us to bring many smiles and hope to children who are routinely denied both. This year, will you join us?

We have moved our annual ride forward from September to June to try to maximise the chances of good weather (as though there is ever any guarantee in the UK), and to make use of the longer days (for those of us likely to make full use of them). We are hoping this will make the rides even more enjoyable than they’ve always been.

Thanks to our participants over the last few years, this is what these rides have enabled so far:

We bought 188 One Laptop Per Child educational laptops into twin boy and girl schools in a refugee camp on the West Bank.

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We built and tool children to a summer camp where many of them saw the sea for the first time despite living less than 3 miles away…

We have built a playground in the North of Gaza, where the children’s lives are unnaturally harsh and turned a barren patch of land into a play space for children and parents…

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We currently have two projects in Gaza under way – one to create a children’s library, and the other to help disabled children get a better education.

Which means that, sore buttocks aside, we have had huge fun doing good for kids who need it. If you want to join us, sign up on the Never2Tyred site. The organisers (who have done this for us the last 4 years) are sponsoring us by reducing costs for all Hope and Play cyclists – tell them you are doing it for Hope and Play to get the discounted cost. Full details are on their site, but here are some of the most relevant.

  • When? 17th to 19th June. The long summer evenings are an incentive for those of us who see this more as a touring exercise than an athletic challenge 🙂
  • How long? About 200 miles over 3 days.
  • How much? £430 to cover costs + £500 sponsorship. £250 for those that did the ride last year. Costs include 2 nights’ accommodation, food, drink (not bar bills), channel crossing, insurance, transport back for you and bike, banter,  support cars, snacks en route, directions, maps, briefings.
  • How fit? Novices welcome through to experts.
  • Who for? Hope and Play is a UK registered charity, and the sponsorship from this ride will go directly to children’s projects in Gaza. Our charity covers its own admin and organisational costs (trustees and founders pay this) to maximise impact of donations.

We’d love to have you join us. Register at Never2Tyred.