It seems the older we get, the faster time passes. As we wonder where the days have gone, we also wonder what have we contributed to this world.

We ask ourselves what can we do? Things seem to be much bigger than our efforts. The feelings of hopelessness and helplessness set in, and they are so hard to budge. We carry them, and we feel so heavy. And another year passes.

“Go big or go home”, we often hear. But, big is not the only way to go. Small matters, too. Small can snowball. Small can grow. Many smalls can make a really BIG big.

So, here’s one thing you can do this year.

On your next birthday, buy yourself the gift of giving. Buy a birthday party which children in Gaza can celebrate for you.

That’s what Naomi Simmons did. Thank you Naomi! A spark of hope in the eyes of children gives us all hope. One small step at a time.

Try it.

Buy yourself a party, or buy a party for a friend. Give these kids more opportunities to be kids, and who knows what they will grow up to be.