As of July 2019, you can donate your car through Charity Car to Hope and Play.

To be exact, Charity Car will use your unwanted car to raise money that will be all be donated to our programmes for Palestinian children.

They’ll take the hassle out of getting rid of your car and pass the proceeds to Hope and Play. It won’t cost you anything, as they’ll even collect your car. If the car is for scrappage (as one of our trustee’s car was), they’ll reuse or recycle parts (detoxing first to minimise environmental damage) and give us 100% of its scrap value.

Hope and Play Charity Car
Sad to see it go after 20 years. But happy that it will pay for 3 children to get 8 months of trauma therapy!

Or, if it’s a top of the range Lamborgini or any other car with life left in it, they’ll auction it and once again, pass on all the proceeds.

And like all money that is donated from the public, 100% of it will end up directly on the project you’re supporting.

Find out more on the Charity Car website.