Hope and Play purchased 188 educational laptops for children in the Boys and Girls schools in the Amari refugee camp just outside Ramallah on the West Bank. These were the first of a programme that is being implemented by UNRWA (the United Nations Refugee and Works Agency) using One Laptop Per Child XO laptops.

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Hope and Play started working with the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) organisation in 2008 once we had identified their XO laptop as the best candidate for children’s education in the occupied Palestinian lands. OLPC put us in touch with UNRWA, who were implementing a large scale laptop programme, also using the XO. We chose to work with UNRWA and provide laptops to one of their schools on the basis that they were building the infrastructure to support and maintain the laptop programme, and we wanted to make use of this.

As a result, after much delay in getting the laptops into the West Bank (it is not just Gaza that suffers from difficulties in moving goods around), we finally got the 188 laptops through to the boys’ and girls’ school in Al Ameri refugee camp in July of 2010.

Thank you to the bike riders of London to Paris 2008, and all of their sponsors, who enabled us to get this project funded.