In May, June and July of 2010, Wissam Al Jayoussi rode his Harley Davidson over 40,000 km, crossed over 30 national boundaries from Dubai to London. He did this to raise awareness and funds for disabled children in Gaza.

Jan 19th 2010 by the Dead Sea in Jordan. The universe sometimes has wonderful ways of alignment. I was there on a business conference, and was introduced to Wissam Al-Jayoussi as a man who had some similar interests. We got talking about things, and matters naturally turned towards Palestine and Palestinian children.The bike

It was in this chance meeting that Wissam Al-Jayyoussi mentioned to me his tremendous and ambitious plan to ride a bike from Dubai to London in aid of handicapped Palestinian children in Gaza. I talked to him about Hope and Play and the projects that we sponsor for children in Palestine. There was clearly an opportunity for us to work together, and so our collaboration with him for the Goodwill Journey was born.

Gaza, as you may know, has been suffering from a crippling blockade by Israel since 2007. This has destroyed lives and left children orphaned, maimed, traumatised, without many schools and generally with very little hope. Wissam’s plan, which Hope and Play supported, was to raise money for handicapped children in Gaza.

His crazy scheme for doing was to undertake a sponsored motorbike ride from Dubai to London. He achieved this, arriving in London on July 19th, and carrying on even further (as though it wasn’t long enough) to complete the ride in Cardiff. You can see the full details of his ride on the Facebook page he created and updated for this, the Goodwill Journey.