In July of this year, working alongside our partners in Gaza, primarily the wonderful team at the Canaan Institute of New Pedagogy, our donors enabled the evacuation of 1500 children from one of the harshest hit areas of Gaza and their relocation to a relatively safer environment in the centre of Gaza.

When the Israeli ground invasion started into Gaza after the deadly shelling by air, the town of Beit Lahiya in the North was one of the hardest hit. This is the town where Hope and Play funded the creation of a playgarden and a children’s library, but by virtue of sitting near the northern border of Gaza with Israel is very exposed to the Israeli military. And so it was this July when Israel invaded Gaza using ground forces.

It is often the way that although children never start wars, they are often it’s biggest victims, and this war was no different. With Israel seeming to take no consideration at all of whether children were being shelled, Beit Lahiya’s children were left in a very dangerous position with this current attack.

It is against this backdrop that using reserves and rapid mobilisation by our generous supporters, we were able to rapidly respond to a plea from Gaza to fund the relocation of 1,500 children from the line of fire in Beit Lahiya to safer surroundings in the centre of Gaza, and to provide them with emergency food, clothing and support.

The Canaan Institute of New Pedagogy led the local effort in the relocation and acquisition of supplies. And then, as these photos show, these amazing local women and men started to give the children laughter and games under the most unfeasible scenarios.


A big thank you to our supporters who enabled this to happen. Giving life, love and laughter to 1500 children in extreme danger is no small feat. Thank you.