Journalists to cover Hope and Play Projects in Gaza

Two journalists with a track record of publication in major media outlets such as Time magazine are heading out to Gaza to document some of the important work being done by us and our partners with children during and after this latest set of attacks on Gaza.

In their own words, they aim to spend their time in Gaza “exploring the effects the war has had on children in the region, documenting the work that organisations are doing to alleviate their suffering and most importantly visualise the hope and resilience of Gaza’s youth. This will give much needed credit and exposure to these organisations and help them with their operations. ”

They will be taking cameras out on the trip, which they will give to children there to get them to take pictures of their surroundings and lives. As an added bonus, the kids will get some training and tips from the photographer, Grey Hutton. Copies of their images will be brought back to form an exhibition in London and other locations.

We are looking to get the dispatch published in a major publication with a view to highlighting not only the plight of these children, but also their humanity – that these are kids that play, sing, dance, play jokes and are as mischievously beautiful as children anywhere.

Please support this project if you can – it is on Kickstarter. We were pleasantly surprised to see it has already garnered support from Cara Delevingne…

… who also kindly very directly asked for people to support us …