To commemorate 100 days since the bombardment of Gaza by Israel, The Independent, one of the UK’s leading broadsheets, published an article by Will George, photos by Grey Hutton, of life for Gaza’s children. They did this primarily through the lens of projects supported by Hope and Play and delivered by our local partners, The Canaan Institute of New Pedagogy.

This powerful and sensitive article reported on some of the invaluable work on the ground carried out by The Canaan Institute with children, predominantly heavily traumatised by the bombardment over the summer, which for many of them, was the third one they had been subjected to by the Israeli military in their short lives.


Hutton’s photos tell some horrific stories, and document incredible resilience. The kindergarten that was air bombed, then razed to the ground by the Israeli army. The children going back to school where the first 2 weeks were dedicated to trauma therapy. Salma, who is undergoing trauma treatment after losing 18 members of her family.

But also the children breakdancing as an outlet to their energies with Camp Breakerz. Children going to music school as an escape from the bleak surroundings bequeathed them by Israel’s military. Children graduating from their Judo class, but with a haunted look rather than the anticipated celebratory one.

Full credit to William and Grey for their trip to document this. They both attest to the wonderful friendships they struck up in Gaza and the warmth and humanity with which they were welcomed.