Through a number of fundraising events, Hope and Play raised funds for use on furthering the education of disabled children in Gaza. During Iyas’s visit to Gaza in 2012, we discussed the implementation of this programme, and agreed with our local partner, the Canaan Institute of New Pedagogy, that they would oversee this locally.

We agreed to select 4 grassroots organisations to work with, who will all receive an equal amount of financial assistance to implement programmes for the education of children with a disability. We would only work with local grassroots organisations, as they tend to have greater financial need while at the same time having greater integration with the local communities. A set of criteria was agreed with Canaan for their selection, which included that the organisation have a credible capability to deliver the programme, that the projects should not discriminate on the basis of sex of the children, and that we would look for the greatest impact that could be achieved.

On that basis, we selected four organisations, and will be sharing with you their progress here as the projects progress. The organisations we will be working with are:

  • Bureij Association for the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped – El Bureij Refugee Camp
  • El-Amal Rehabilitation Society – Rafah
  • Right to Live Society – Gaza City
  • Society of Remedial Education Center – Jabaliya Refugee Camp

I visited both the El-Amal and the Bureij organisations while in Gaza, and the level of care, dedication and persistence in incredibly difficult circumstances that the people in these organisations showed was nothing short of inspirational and humbling.

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