There is a place, here on earth, about 360 square kilometres, where over 2 million people wake up every morning to look at devastation and a segregation wall.

In this grey place, though, lives hope and color. As we enter 2022, we want to share more of this hope and more of this color. We want to thank you for your continued support all these years, and to give you glimpses of what the children in Gaza can do given half a chance.

Artwork by Malak Mattar, read full story here / source:

Mattar is now 22. She lived through so much destruction and pain. In art she found a way to respond to the trauma she suffered, and continues to suffer, so long as Gaza remain under siege and Gazan right are trod underfoot.

The trauma programmes you support through Hope and Play is about building more resilience amongst Gazan kids, and helping them find their own forms of expression and survival in harsh conditions.